About Me/Contact

Name: Tisha Tran
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Nationality: Canadian
Education: University of Toronto: Equity Studies, Seneca: Legal Administration
Interests: Fitness, health, food, travel, cute stuff
Camera Used: Iphone 5&6 plus
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7448717958_dbf40e806f_o  @tisha.tran & @bodybuildandeat < Click 🙂
 am in love with the world but Toronto will always be my home. I enjoy learning and continue to study Equity Studies, languages and now law. I love fitness and competing in bodybuilding competitions; bikini. I also love the work that I do because I care about people and helping others. As a result, my travels are quite short BUT I try to make the most of it. My way of traveling is inspired by my first big Europe trip that I did through Contiki in the summer of 2014. Ever since then, I’ve decided to travel on my own (with friends if the time comes) BUT on a budget 🙂 This page is to inspire all wanderlusters and especially females 🙂 I take my photos as I travel along thus creating a visual journal of where I’ve been.

Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions, questions, and comments! 😀

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