Interested in doing a fitness competition but don’t know where to start or if you should even do it?

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When you are preparing for any kind of competition, keep in mind that you NEED to dedicate time, learn to prioritize and put in effort in order to see results. If you’re working 3 jobs, 18 hours a day, competing should not be on your mind.

So, should you do one? If you’re thinking about it then why not? There are a variety of reasons why you might want to do a competition and that reason is good enough.

Here are some reasons:

  • challenge yourself
  • lost a bet
  • any fitness related goal; lose weight, gain muscle
  • build confidence
  • learn about health and fitness
  • and more

So, do you have to be skinny, lean, “fit” or know anything about working out to start preparing for a competition? Absolutely NOT! When preparing for a competition, your results will come in stages. Depending on your time frame (which will be based on your body), it might be several or a few months. You can be over weight or skinny. It doesn’t matter.

Remember that it is YOUR journey.

So, what’s next?

  1. Find a competition preparation coach.

A competition preparation coach (prep coach) is also a personal trainer BUT a personal trainer is not always a competition preparation coach. The job of a prep coach is to guide you through your fitness prep and provide you details of what is to be expected at/during your show. Your coach will guide you through meal prep and workout plan. A coach should not ignore ANY aspect of your prep (e.g. your diet or injuries.) A prep coach supports, motivates and elevates you BUT, is not there to babysit you.

  1. Finding the right competition coach for you.

Check out Team T-Rex article on how to pick the right competition coach so you do not feel scammed of your money and see the results you want to see! >> << I thought this article was very helpful and I wish I had known these tips two years ago J The most helpful tip was post-show care. A well-rounded competition coach WILL advise you on how to take care of yourself after your show. Post-show care is important for your mental and physical health. You could mentally crash and face injuries if you do not consider taking care of what you eat or do post-show.

  1. Consider expenses.

You will need to consider the amount of money you need and might spend for a smooth prep.

Here is a list:

  • competition prep coach
  • groceries, gym membership, supplements
  • posing coach (unless your competition prep coach has experience in posing)
  • athlete member card *does not apply to all organizations (e.g. in Ontario you have to pay an annual fee of $100 to the Ontario Physique Association if you will be competing in any shows under the organization)
  • Competition suit; bikini, boarding shorts, etc (Bikinis can be very affordable. It will definitely cost more depending on how you bling it up and where you buy it from. Majority of local shows, you are NOT judged on how fancy your suit is.)
  • registration fee (Each category you register to compete, you will need to pay a fee)
  • hotel (including a deposit for some hotels)
  • Spray tan
  • For women: competition jewelry (super blingy and doesn’t need to be expensive), make-up, hair extensions (Some companies offer a package for tan, make-up and hair. It’s quite pricey but worth it. Depending on the show, you can have somebody to come help you with this. Some shows, you might need to do your own or hire the company that is sponsored by the show)
  • Additional costs: transportation, food during hotel stay

A competition can be costly especially if you don’t keep it simple. Sometimes, you might find that you’re spending a lot of money but it could be that you’re spending unnecessary amounts on things that doesn’t matter and you’re blaming it on the competition prep.

$10 a day on lunch for a total of a week, equals to $70. $70 can get your 2 trays of chicken breasts at COSTCO and a box of spinach. Look at that perspective.

The rest of the prep is about patience, cooperation, self-motivation and confidence!

More information: A fitness competition is open to males and females, teenagers, juniors, masters, grandmasters, super grandmasters and couples. For females there is bikini, figure, physique (fitness) and bodybuilding. For males there is physique, classic physique, physique and bodybuilding. These categories are the most common under the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). Only certain organizations in every country is recognized by the IFBB, by which you can earn your professional (PRO) status (e.g. IFBB Pro). In Ontario, we have the Ontario Physique Association. The OPA organizes local and provincial shows and the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation organizes Canada’s national shows. You will need to place in a local show in order to move forward to a provincial show, and then provincial onto a national/international show. Aside from fitness competitions, there is also fitness modeling. The most popular and highly recognized organization is the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF). For females there is bikini, fitness model and figure model. For males, there is fitness and muscle model. Shows are set out by the WBFF and are now in a handful of countries like Canada, USA, Korea, Singapore, Australia, etc. That means you can compete internationally as an amateur! Then there are smaller competitions that are not internationally recognized. At the end of the day, it depends on your short and long-term goals!

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