11 Year Weight Loss Journey – What I Wish I Had Known

Picture: 230lbs 2014 vs 160lbs 2016 @awesm_jojo

I’ve known Joanne Vuong for 11 years and she’s tried every diet (low carb, vegetarian, pescatarian, shakes, vegan, paleo, LOW CALORIES, etc), went through personal trainers and even had free sessions. In the past two years, Joanne has learnt a lot of health tips and exercises that helped her shed several pounds. It wasn’t until this year she dropped to 160lbs! 

I asked Joanne what she wished she had known that has helped her lose weight:

1. Eat a balanced breakfast every day.

2. Drink 2l of water every day. 

3. Eat smaller meals every few hours and especially before and after a workout. 

4. Consume more lean protein in place of high carbs that she didn’t know she was consuming daily.

5. Realized that fruits and candies are CARBS too. 

6. Weight training helps with weight loss and proper form = effective workouts.

6. Supplements like fish oil, multivitamins and protein powder help your body perform at its best, recover and grow new cells.   

I then asked what was different this time that allowed her to lose an additional 30-40lbs and keep it off? She said hiring a wellness/fitness coach that not only guides her through her workouts and diet but supports a healthy mind and lifestyle (Joanne has opted for online coaching). It was contagious she said. It was the Through her coaching Joanne realized several things that helped her commit to her fitness goal:

1. Taking ownership. Joanne realized she actually wasn’t eating well consistently and wasn’t working out as hard as she thought she was. 

2. Not giving up and starting over when she gives in to eating a meal or two outside of her diet plan. Instead, she enjoys it for the moment and moves forward and gets right back on track. 

3. Repairing her relationship with foods by learning through her coach and/or online. E.g. Joanne used to be scared of all good fats like almond butter but now incorporates good fats daily. 

4. Surrounding herself with people that were supportive and understanding of her goals.

5. Consistency is really the key to success.

6. There’s more than one way to be healthy

7. Last but not least, Joanne took time to envision her weight loss goal and asked herself if she really wanted it. She was then advised to hire a reputable wellness/fitness coach where some of her money will be invested in achieving her goal rather spending it on more unhealthy foods. She finally reached out and opened up and is now at 160lbs and still losing more weight! Hiring an experienced and dedicated coach helps give you a personalized diagnosis and they work on a personalized diet and workout plan. They are also dedicated to supporting and guiding you. Paying for a coach also helped motivate her more because her money was involved. 

Everybody is meant to take on a different journey because that’s what makes you unique. At the end of the day, there are no shortcuts. It might look easier for other people but looks can be deceiving. Be proud of your journey and know that you are your best investment. Don’t give up and take ownership. Your (true) friends and family are here to help and support you but YOU make the ultimate decision to action your goals or plans. If you ever feel stuck, reach out and open up! People aren’t blessed with reading minds and can’t help you and they don’t know you need help in the first place! If you cannot reach out to  friends or family, then get into contact with somebody you look up to! What are you waiting for?! 
Joanne’s message: It is possible and there is a way but you cannot give up on yourself. 

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