Always Sabotaging Your Diet Plan With Your Cravings? Nothing Will Work Unless You Do This

So you’re trying to eat better or stick to a diet plan but you just can’t do it after 2-3 weeks… You just get sooo many cravings, there is so much yummy stuff available out there plus, you don’t want to say no to your friends when to ask if you’re free to grab a bite.

Here is what you need to know. Understand your body and change your damn attitude.

When you consume a food item, your body breaks it down into carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other nutrients. Your body does NOT know what your eating is tasty or not. It doesn’t mean ANYTHING to your body. It means something to YOU but not your body. What your body needs is FUEL aka food and that is it. You need to understand that you NEED to eat for fuel NOT for fun. Eating for the fun of our taste buds is completely your choice but I do know this is the hardest part. Not being tempted by all the food that is available out there (I mean they are everywhere now!!! On instagram, food channels, facebook, the internet!) is difficult.

Now here’s the important part to helping you stick to that diet.

Imagine finding out tomorrow that you have a disease that can develop into cancer. You can get cancer by eating the foods you are NOT supposed to eat. Will you then eat those foods you are not supposed to eat? Most likely not because life is important to you and you are willing to do what it takes to not have the cancer. So… why is that you give in so easily to your cravings now? Because your mind is weak BUT you have the potential to control it especially when given a situation where you’ll fight for it. Your mind is weak because you do not appreciate or understand what your body needs versus what you want. Don’t be miserable that you can’t eat a burger but be appreciative that you can feed your body wholesome nutrient packed foods.

In the event of trying to stick to a diet plan, learn to control your mind by fighting for your goal. Work on this by reflecting on all the small achievements you’ve made throughout the day. Keep yourself occupied by taking on a new hobby or spend more time on your hobby. Drink your water!!! Sometimes you’re not hungry but thirsty! Don’t ever feel pressured to go eat out with your friends every other day. They will understand if you explain to them. If they don’t understand, THEY ARE NOT YOUR DAMN FRIENDS. By the time you know it, the week’s over and you get your cheat meal. If your plan doesn’t include a cheat meal, continue fighting because it’ll be over before you know it ☺

Be strong and strengthen your mind!

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