Health & Fitness Plans

For ladies new to health ad fitness and ladies looking for more guidance and support or something new

Thank you so much

for your interest in my health and fitness services!

I have been working out for over five years and have competed in three shows. In my second show, I did a natural show and placed first in my class! In my third show, I did an open show and placed fourth. As a result, I am qualified to compete in the natural and open Provincial division.

However, my journey has not been easy and used to be filled with dissapoint nets. Looking back on my  5+ years of experience of working out, eating healthy, dieting, bulking, and strength training, there are so many things I wished I had known as a new girl trying to get healthy and fit and then as a kind of experienced girl trying to get results! I spent lots of money on promises and guidance, only to find myself back at square one.

This is why I am offering my support and plans to help women who are interested in the getting healthier, feeling better and getting results.

I don’t want anybody to waste their time, feel confused or overwhelmed.  I want you ladies to learn as much as you can in order to sustain a mentally and physically healthier lifestyle.

If you need help on how you can eat better, I’m here for you.

If you need help on learning how you can feel better mentally and physically, let me be there for you.

If you need help on getting a bigger booty and not feeling sluggish all the time, holla at me!

I want your journey to start on the right foot and lead the right path without spending an arm and an leg.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

If you are a guy interested in any of these services, I will re-direct you to > Philip Ngo < (, who is a Certified Personal Trainer with years of experience. Prices will be different. 

*If you are interested,I will be sending you a questionnaire before you are expected to pay
*Payments are accepted securely through PayPal and have been tested. Payments are processed under the name Essential Canada.
*Please note that I also take e-mail transfers within Canada and PayPal transfers within Canada and internationally.

Meal Plan Only $30
What’s Included:
– Customized meal plans incorporating flexible and clean dieting
– Recommended supplements
– Recommendeditems to buy for a successful meal preparation
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Workout Plan Only $30
What’s Included:
– Your choice of at-home or gym workouts or combined
– Videos + descriptions (if needed)
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Meal and Workout Plan Combo $50
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Both Plans Include:
– Drafted week schedule to give you an idea of when you can work out, do groceries, prep your meals, transportation times, etc
– Ongoing support via e-mail or text (until further notice)

Private One-On-One Sessions
If you are interested in private sessions, please contact me directly! I am currently available on Sundays and reside in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada).

I Look forward to working with you! Seriously 😀