How to get to Scarborough Bluffs – The Cliffs, NOT the Beach

You need to get to Scarboro Crescent and Drake Crescent. Once you hit this intersection,  you will see a field of grass and eventually a simple wired fence. There is a sign that says not to cross over but of course it’s under your own discretion if you do. The cliffs are behind the fence. Please know that the edge of the cliffs that are on the right are not made up of hard rock so be careful! 

Directions from the station: 

1. Get off Kennedy station 

2. Take the 20 Cliffside Eastbound bus

3. The bus will turn onto Midland Street

3. Get off at Park street

4. Walk to Midland and Kingston. Cross over to the opposite of the street (opposite of where you got off)

5. Walk towards Scarboro Crescent which is in a curved street

5a) If the previous instruction is too complicated to find, keep walking past Kingston and turn left onto Kelsonia Avenue. Keep walking until you hit Scarboro Crescent and then turn right 

6) Continue walking down until you hit Drake Crescent 

Here are the pictures leading to the cliffs! 

Last minute adventure wih Courtney, my baby sister and Peanut the Doggo πŸ™‚

Be careful of this edge here! It’s not made up of rocks and there is a lot of sand!

Hehe look at Peanut go πŸ˜›

Trying to get to the edge with my sister

Then I was like nope it ain’t happening LOL

Great way to end our little adventure πŸ™‚

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