I’m “Happy” vs Happy

I’ve always been content with life and even when I go through a rough patch I always get myself back up. I’ve always been confident that this or that will work out because I’m the type to find a solution and I don’t give up.

BUT I didn’t just want to be content or especially just “happy” because I’ve ticked off the to-do list for big kids like getting a job with a good status, buying a car, buying a home, etc. These things seemed simple to me because we will all be able to get it with time.

It wasn’t until two years ago I took off 6 weeks to travel (no all inclusives and fancy hotels – which I do enjoy) with my best friend and then also did a trip on my own (because I, myself, love to travel) that I realized that what made me the happiness is “continuously improving who I am, how I live, how I serve, and how I relate to others“. Quote from: https://medium.com/the-mission/why-most-people-will-never-be-successful-aa52e333a59c#.g959pu7oh

It was then that I realized what I wanted to focus on from hereon…

I want a career, not a job, where I will be doing what I’m good at and enjoy that will continuously help me develop as a person. A career with values that I support and look forward to going to work every day. A career where I can see myself (in the future), coming home to my family and being able to give them my undivided attention, love and support BECAUSE work was not dreadful or stressful. A career that can somehow contribute to society in a positive way.

I want to start a business showing what I believe in or love, and that would be health and fitness. Not only do I want to make money but most importantly influence, share and relate to others of what I’m passionate about.

I want to be around friends that are understanding and supportive of my situations, passions and dreams. Friends that make me better and not just simply gossip all the time. Friends that know how to laugh, have fun and go crazy. Friends that are selfish for the right reasons and selfless for anything else. I want qualify friends.

I want to continue learn to learn/understand other people’s emotions and especially my emotions and know how to handle them. I don’t want to ever feel helpless, worthless, useless, sad or mad. I want be MENTALLY strong.

I simply want MORE. More value, more meaning, more heart.

This all comes down to one thing and that’s investing YOUR TIME wisely. TIME is one of THE most valuable assets, commodities, resources… if you waste it on petty events, people, OR LOAFTING AROUND, you CANNOT take it back. All the time you waste could been spent with people that actually matter or do things that you love or bring you closer to your dreams, passions, a better you… You also need to patient on TIME to unfold what you’ve invested in as well…

And the cherry on top is being able to share all this with a special someone.

So yeah this is what I know and what I’ve realized. I feel very happy – I’m currently working a job that’s within my field of interest and can open other doors, I’m pursuing my passion on the side, I’m helping others in a field I’m passionate about, I have amazing and supportive friends – and I know that as long as I focus on the above, I WILL achieve true happiness. Or maybe I have already 🙂 and I’m just waiting for my life to unfold.

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