SECRETS to Building your Booty!! Short Video

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Booty workout starts at 1:22

I like to watch simple and efficient videos when learning something new. Lengthy videos get boring sometimes.

Here’s my first video (all done on my phone so excuse the crappy quality) of what I’ve learnt from my awesome coach to better help with hour booty building process, especially in a short period of time!

Booty workout starts at 1:22

1.Kneeling Squats – Compared to regular squats, this workout focuses more on your glutes and less on your quads

2.Forward Squats –  When lowering your body, lean forward without having your knees pass your toes and keeping your back straight. This form allows for more glute activation and also works your quads.

3.Stiff Legged Deadlifts – Works the lower back, glutes and hamstrings

4.Hip Thrusters – Works yo glutes

5.Incline Hip Thrusters – The incline helps activate the hamstrings

6.Lunges on Treadmill – Lunges works all parts of the legs (glutes, hamstrings, quads). I find this work out really helps lift the butt!  Doing lunges on the treadmill helps keep a constant movement which will burn more (and helps you get your cardio out of the way).

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