Phuket, Thailand

Common room at our hostel. I thought this mural was pretty trippy

Most famous road in Phuket, where you can see all the lady boys you want! 🙂 Bangla Road.  


My favesss! I’ve never had mango sticky rice like this before and it’s so good!

Decided to grab a massage at a place in the mall because it looked much more sanitary. The price was the same as the ones down the streets or even a bit cheaper.



Ew spinach burrito thingy LOL

I try McDonald’s in every country and in Thailand they have a salmon burger and a samurai pork burger. Both were equally as good!

Mirror and sink right next to the cashier…

Cocktail vendor xD this sure comes in handy

    Hundreds of bars down Bangla Road


These two girls were super strong and entertaining!

The following pictures were taken on our last day in Thailand. We were in Phuket on the first day of our trip and the last.

I can’t get enough of these “banana pancakes” which are just crepes xD

They advertised it as fried ice-cream but its just super frozen with liquid nitrogen LOL

Back on Bangla Road with a friend. People got really into the whole virtual reality roller coaster LOL Some even fell to the ground

Last morning in Thailand 😦 Heading to the airport sooonnn


My friend Melissa and I developed a habit of going to 711 and grabbing snacks for the plane ride hehe

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