Chiang Mai, Thailand 


And the temple adventure begins… This is the old city area too

Heading to Maejo University for the lantern festival 🙂


This couple in our group also purchased a Hello Kitty lantern!!! Love it!!


After the mass release of the lanterns, there were fireworks too! This was an amazing view because our area was dark and the moon came out at the same time!


Got back to the main city and I could still see the lanterns in the distance

Biggest lantern I’ve seen!

Free breakfast from our hostel *-* so yummy! Pancake was so fluffy!!!

Omg TIGER KINGDOM! Didn’t think I was going to do this but I did!!!

The tiger moved so I flinched LOL I was really scared





Got to see oxen too!

Feeding our elephant sugar canes 😛
  En route to see the long neck tribe! 😛


I asked our tour guide where all the men were and she said that they work in the cities. The reason why all the women are here because majority of them know the old Thai language which is not commonly spoken in the city.

Ending our adventure with a water raft
Orchard farm 🙂


  Mel and I decided to leave a mark like the others so we did 🙂 Couldn’t help but realize these are probably drawn on from volunteers xD They sound very religious

Came across a parade while heading to the bus terminal. The parade is the continued celebration of the lantern festival

  First tuk tuk ride and we’re heading to Bangkok!! 😀