5 Useful Travel Ideas

I thought I’d share some useful ideas I picked up while I was traveling 🙂 Here it is!

1. Tie hair ties to your brush/comb
Those who have long hair, I know the struggle of trying to find a damn hair tie for when you need to comb your hair and get out to deal with the heat! Tying hair ties to your brush just makes it much more convenient and probably will save you an hour 🙂

2. Mosquito net
Well not all places are going to be mosquito free. I had a bad experience one time where I got bit on the nose even though I used mosquito repellent -_- My nose bumped up so much! I would recommend this if you are traveling for a long while and especially if you’re going to be in a close by warm open area with a lot of trees. This item might look huge but when packed it measures 13 x 34cm. You can find this one http://www.mec.ca or at your local depot store. 

3. a) Handheld fan
These are small and easy to put away. This is useful when you are traveling to hot countries and you just can’t  bear the heat anymore! Water can only save you so much but your body will still stay warm! These handheld fans are inexpensive and can be found at dollar stores! The ones below can be found at Dollar Tree (Toronto, Ontario). 


b) Handheld WATER MIST fan
This handheld fan is a life saver! It keeps you even cooler by giving you the option to be misted with water as well! I remember my friend would buy cold water and fill up the fan at the same time too. It was way more effective 🙂 I was told this can be found at Wal-Mart and Target. 



BUT PLEASE! Don’t ever purchase something liker this and use it in public 🙂

4. Ulmon Phone App
Once downloaded, you can access this app without the internet! 
What can you use it for?
– Free offline maps (no roaming, no hustle)
– Multifunctional lists to plan and organize your trip
– Inspiring stories, insider tips and places to discover
For more information, check out www.ulmon.com

5. Take a picture of your packed items
After you’ve packed everything, take a picture of it. That way if you you’re not sure if you’ve forgotten something, you can refer to the picture you took earlier and compare. Also, folding your clothes a certain way (right side of picture) makes all the difference when packing 🙂 

** First picture is mine. All others are from the web.

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