2nd Solo Trip – Belgium (Travel Info)

Places Visited and Things Done (In no particular order):

***Bruges (June 16th )
– Minnewater Lake
– Belfry tower
– Market Place
– Church of our Lady
– Groene Rei (Green Bank)
* There were a lot of nice buildings/canals that I saw but I didn’t capture the name of them.

Bruges is one of the best medieval towns in Europe and is home to many beautiful canals and green scenery *-* It was great to enjoy some peace and quiet in Bruges and to take in the beautiful scenery without hundreds of tourists and their selfie sticks (they were everywhere in Greece and Turkey). I wished the stores opened later but most stores closed around 6-7. I’ve been told that it feels almost like a fairytale when you’re in Bruges and it’s quite true. Of all my meals, I had the best dish in Belgium and that was the mussels! A dish they are known for. I absolutely loveeee seafood and so this was the perfect way to end my trip. I am more of a night person when I travel so I wasn’t entirely impressed with Bruges BUT I did thoroughly enjoy the scenery and people 🙂

Hostel #1: I didn’t book a place because I had a super early flight. 

What I’ve Realized/Learnt and More: 
1.  The EU is based in Belgium
2. Lots of green scenery
3. Super chill vibe
4. Most stores close around 6-7 Dinner places will close a bit later 

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