Pamukkale, Turkey (Pictures)

View from my hotel! I booked a tour package with Cappadocia and Pamukkale and so they decided on a hotel at my last stay ^_^

Fueling up for a long day! I was on an overnight bus from Cappadocia to Pamukkale which took roughly 10 hours! I got to my hotel at 5-6 am and my tour started at 930 *-*

  This here is the Karahyit Hot Springs (aka Red Water Springs) – “Due to the minerals existing in its structure, the hot spring water spreads reddish color to the environment and it is believed that they provide healing to the visitors for 5000 years”

        Touring Hierapolis, which is an ancient city located on top of Pamukkale πŸ™‚ Before Turkey I was in Greece so this historical interconnection was quite fascinating for me

        Tombstones o_o There are thousands that have been found and its been said that there are thousands that still needs to be uncovered

                         I think that’s supposed to be the shower xD

When the tour guide said this is Pamukkale I was sad because I wanted to see more water! But this was just the other side LOL Not all areas are covered in water in order to preserve the site


                    Starting my walk down Pamukkale o_o kinda hurt my feet but I dipped it in the nice water here and there

                Well deserved Turkish buffet πŸ˜›

Rock/Stone/Mineral demonstration. Apparantly, Denizli (which is actually where we’re at) is home to many types of rocks and minerals that are believed to have different kind of meanings and provide different features. Some stones provide heat, some create dim lighting for a nice setting πŸ™‚

    Off to Belgium!!!!


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