Istanbul, Turkey (Pictures)



So after getting to Istanbul, Turkey, I was denied my flight to Delhi, India o_____O I didn’t know what to do with my life for a split second because that was on my itinerary. The good thing was that I had to be back in Istanbul in 4 days anyways.


But the bad thing was that I had to stay in Istanbul with NO research done hostel booked AND cancel my trip to India 😦 Silly me thought I could get a tourist visa upon arrival! I’ve been so lucky before that I sorta forgot about looking into that. When the officer denied my flight to Delhi, he was superrrr nice enough to get me into one of the offices with a computer and internet! I told him I wanted to look into tourist visa upon arrivals in India. It was a complete mess so I decided to stay. The rest of the officers made my stay at the office sooo comfortable that I managed to loaft a little bit LOL I was offered tea, somebody helped me look into hostels and recommended one in a very good area, another printed out a metro map for me and highlighted all the tourist attractions and even showed me how to get to places. I was also given tips on how I can save by using the metro and getting the pass. I absolutely loved the service I received and I can honestly say that because of this special experience from a group of Turkish people that I LOVE the Turkish Airlines and obviously Turkey itself πŸ™‚

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (at night time) – So I took the bus to my hostel which took 45 mins. It was around 11pm when I took it and I felt pretty safe. People were still up and about around midnight which was around the time I got to my hostel. I came across this beauty when I was heading to my hostel and its actually quite mesmerizing *-*


Hostel rooftop πŸ™‚



Heading to Topkapi Palace πŸ™‚




  Topkapi Palace !

          Totally in love with these patterns and tiles!












               Obelisk all the way from Egypt! This piece brings back so many memories! I’ve seen the one in Egypt and France and it’s just so fascinating how interconnected history is

    Oh god silk worms!





Taksim Square πŸ™‚







Strolling through Taksim area





So happy to have tried these yummy Turkish Delights!!!





This is a church called S. Antonio di Padova. It is the largest Catholic Church in Turkey *-*





The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in the day time. It’s also known as the Blue Mosque beside of the inside.


Pub Crawl!!


Friends and I headed to another hostel to start our pub crawl but we were hungry so we asked the receptionist at the hostel where can we find some good cheap food and he recommended food from the back of this truck which was outside of the hostel xD It was good!!








Loving this kind of hostel food!



 Hagia Sophia πŸ™‚

Inside of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque! NOT the Hagia Sophia xD





Going through the Grand Bazaar



Old Bazaar


Awww this guy was so nice and cute. My friend wanted to grab some kind of cologne for somebody and we thought this was pretty cool! They’re all natural oils and the old man puts it together himself… using a needle xD











Starting the Bosphorus Cruise & Tour! From here on my camera died so these aren’t my pictures but my friend’s xD

The Bosphorus Bridge! This bridge connects both Europe and Asia πŸ™‚

Close up of the Bosphorus bridge

Looking at the other side of Turkey which has more of an Asian influence!

Looks very Japanese right?!

Outdoor gym using body weight! I thought this was so cool!

Obsessed with this building ^-^

Heading to Taksim Square at night

Galata tower πŸ™‚

Taksim at night!

Some yummy Kumpir!! Stuffed potato πŸ˜›

    One of my favourite pictures that I took from my friend’s phone but I edited it a bit by cropping out of the bottom.

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