Santorini, Greece (Pictures)

    After getting a cab ride to my hostel, I decided to go explore right away because I came too early for check-in. I totally messed up my times! That’s okay though because I made an awesome friend when I went to Fira and then headed with her and her mom to Oia *-*

Exploring Oia!!!
                It was so bright!
 Love locks at Oia’s famous sunset viewpoint

                                  I’m SOOOOO scared of fish being close to me but this girl convinced me somehow and it was a pretty cool experience! Felt sorry for the fish that had to nibble on my dirty feet LOL
    Back in Fira!
              Kinda looks like Oia but it’s not! It’s still Fira ^_^
                  Walking back to my hostel.. it took about half an hour

              Cave Hostel
          Sunset in Fira

      Friend’s hotel
  Night life in Fira *-*
      Black sand beach
          Getting to the Red sand beach
    Colours are soo pretty! Red and aquamarineee
      Back in Oia to try catch the infamous sunset! 🙂
So many wedding photoshoots taken here!
        Looking at the sunset viewpoint
      THE Sunset!!!!

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