Athens, Greece

Athens Part 1 (June 1st-2nd)

On my way to find my hostel from Syntagma Square
     Students & Travellers Inn Hostel

Funny story, my friend and I thought this police van was pretty cool so we took a picture of it. Right away the officers said no picture and called us over. I thought we had to delete it and the guys were intimidating. Then they said we couldn’t keep the picture unless we took one with them too! 🙂 Then I said Selfie and it was funny that they knew the word too and got accepted and posed! hahaha
        Exercise tings at the Square

                                              Behold the fork that you get when you order fries….



Odeon of Herodes Atticus


        The Parthenon

                          Arch of Hadrian

Temple of Olympian Zeus

                      Finally found the small cute neighbourhood; Anafiotika!

                  Yellow Mercedes Taxis *__*



They wanted to be in my picture so why not right




Off to Ios!!!

Athens Part 2 (June 8th)I was dropped off at the Rafina port from Mykonos and I was clueless as to where I was. I asked a local where I can take the bus to Athens and it wasn’t that bad at all. It was onoy 1.6 euros to get there 🙂

Lobby in Athenstyle Hostel











Hostel Rooftop


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