Glory Hole Doughnuts

1596 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

I’ve been meaning to come by here again and I finally did! 🙂 Glory Hole Doughnuts is the first spot I’ve ever tried (I tried it last year) a handmade traditional donut and they are so good! Cheap donuts are dense but these donuts are airy because they use a yeast dough (time consuming and temperature sensitive). GHD is the reason I fell in love with donuts! They are not overly sweet because the dough is plain BUT a good kind of plain (it’s like kinda sweet but not really and you taste the butter too but just a little bit :)) and you really get to enjoy the flavour of the donut! I tried the S’mores (2nd time trying it) and their special of the day which is the cookies and cream. *__* Finished it in 2 minutes while driving back home. I really really enjoy their dough! I kind of forgot about The Rolling Pin donuts for a second 🙂


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