Millie Creperie

MIllie Creperie
161 Baldwin Street
Toronto, Ontario

May 25th, 2015
One of my all time favourite ice-cream is green tea! When I saw the green tea parfait at Millie Creperie in Kensington, I knew I had to try it *-* I’m not usually in this area but I made it happen the other day 🙂 I don’t even know how to describe this dessert! It was soooooo good! They serve savoury and dessert JAPANESE crepes. What I’ve realized about Japanese cuisine is that they don’t overdo their flavours! I was in Japan last November and I loved every food item I bought! It was never too sweet or too salty or too something else. Anyways, I got the green tea parfait (corn flakes, green tea gelato, azuki – I think this is some kind of red bean paste, strawberry, whipped and pocky)  and before I tried it, it looked super sweet. But it’s not! 🙂 it’s also a good price AND you don’t have to wait too long for something that looks so nice 😀 (I think the pocky sticks brought out the little girl in me – Can’t wait to try out their other flavours!


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