Itamae Sushi

Itamae Sushi
747 Don Mills Road #9
Toronto, Ontario

I’m not usually a big fan of all you can eat sushi because I don’t like the quality and how basic some dishes are. Salmon sashimi is one of my favourite orders and at AYCE sushi restaurants, the quality is bad! But, it is a good place to get together because there are a lot of options for one price. I went here recently with my work family and I’m happy I tried it out! It’s a very nice place and they use iPads for their customers to order 🙂 I’ve been to a sushi place with iPads and I find it very fun to work with! I loved the salmon sashimi that they served and I also appreciated that they did not use so much rice and just enough salmon! Everything else was good. I tried a new dessert, fried milk and it was surprisingly delicious! 🙂

              This seafood udon soup was pretty good! I absolutely loved what they put in it! Loved the assortment of seafood and quantity ^___^ Most AYCE sushi places don’t give you much with your udon at all even if it’s seafood

  Fried Milk! Very yummy to me 🙂

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