Bobbette & Belle 

Bobette & Belle
3347 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario

Last time I had something from Bobette & Belle was at last year’s wedding show. I had cake pops and several of their mini pastries and they were so decadent and DELICIOUS! ^_^ Today I was on my way to grab a donut at the Rolling Pin and decided to stop by here! It was my first time in their store and I believe they opened up this location just recently. It’s in a very nice small neighbourhood. I love their decor and all the treats look so good!
                I bought and saved the Apple Caramel bread pudding after. The worker was super nice and advised me to microwave the bread pudding for about 30 seconds. It was soooo good!

I also grabbed the Perfectly Pear tea and it was really good! Mellow yet soothing 🙂

  Cute packaging ^_^

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