Webster’s Falls

Hamilton Conservation Authority
Webster’s Falls
Hamilton, Ontario

I texted my good friend Yen last minute asking if she was available at 5:30 am to head to Webster’s Falls! We live about an hour drive away and I had work in the afternoon so I figured we should start our morning early 🙂 To my surprise Yen agreed and I was super excited! I enjoy doing something active in the morning! Small hikes and walks are the best! Especially with this kind of view.
When we got here we realized the parking lot opened at 9 am 😦 Because it was in a big sparse neighbourhood  (lots of trees and grass around) I didn’t feel comfortable parking just anywhere. Also, the parking lot was super close to the falls! So we rested for an hour and the finally headed to the falls 🙂 I thought there would be officers looking after parts of the park but there was nobody. I saw that there was a $10 entrance fee but we didn’t even pay that because there was nobody! Anyways, in order to get to the bottom of the falls we had to get through the fence which had a small ditch dug below it. Going down we had to be careful because it was super steep. The rest of the time we had fun exploring different ways to take pictures at the falls 😀


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