Rose and Sons

Rose and Sons
176 Dupont Street
Toronto, Ontario

When I looked at the restaurant I saw Rose and Sons and Big Crow and I wanted to go to the Big Crow to smash a smores sandwich which I’ve been eyeing for a while now! So I walked into the restaurant and was told by the bartender that the Big Crow is at the back… I was at Rose and Sons. Luckily the owner owned both so I didn’t feel completely stupid LOL I realized the place was rather busy and people were having a very good time. I decided to take a seat and ordered a dish that they recommended. Little did I know it was going to change my perspective on sandwiches!!!

                Repost from my instagram food album page (@tishasfoodalbum):

Bruh… This fried chicken club was so good I demolished it so fast I almost forgot what I ate! Even the waitress said I finished it so quick. Funny thing is, I didn’t mean to go to this restaurant (@roseandsons). I was trying to get to the back to grab a dessert LOL I dont normally order burgers/sandwich for dinner because it’s too basic or heavy or I find that they’re overly salty or sweet or whatever. BUT this sandwich here 😍😍😍 FRIED CHICKEN CLUB: Dr. Pepper bacon, slaw, fried chicken, sour pickle with a side of fries and house made ketchup (which I demolished too 👌👌) #roseandsons #friedchickenclub #instafood #foodie #foodlover #fatty #foodporn #goodeats #torontoeats #GETINMYBELLY @blogto @toreats

  I don’t know how they do it but only these two guys run the kitchen and it’s a pretty small yet busy joint! They are efficient and super creative!

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