The Goods

The Goods
1255 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario

I have a bikini competition coming up so I’ve been trying to feed myself cleaner meals (aiming for no dairy, low sugar/sodium/fat ). It’s only if I have to buy food when I’m out for a long period of time and didn’t pack enough food. When I read the ingredients they use for their salad bowls, I thought they were maybe too raw for me because they use a lot of vegetables and everything on their item is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free. I was thinking how can all these vegetables taste so good. It sounded like a regular salad to me but.. I was wrong! Love love love the vegetable combinations and their light dressing! Their salad bowls are colourful and fun to eat as well! I love their noodled beets and zucchini ^__^ I even ordered a 2nd dish a week after 🙂 I also had a smoothie during my 2nd visit and it was pretty good. It had pears in it and lately I’ve been into pears! If you want to see a list of ingredients in these food items, just check out their website or my food instagram page @tishasfoodalbum 🙂

    Visiting The Goods The 2nd Time!  

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