IQ Food Co. 

IQ Food Co.
18 York Street
Toronto, Ontario

Omg, I absolutely love this place!! I love their interior design, their yummy made-fresh whole foods, the vibe and the people! They strive to “celebrate health and wellness and show appreciation for thoughtful design” and they definitely aced it 🙂 I also love their cold-pressed juice collaboration with Greenhouse Juice Co. I’ve had two salad bowls from them. One I was really looking forward to, the spicy salmon (1st food picture) and it was definitely yummy. Very earthy, fresh and flavourful ^_^ My 2nd dish I had on my 2nd visit and I kind of went on a limb and chose it. It was definitely worth it! Love their spicy sauce and the flavour combinations! Oh, and the smoothie I had their is THE BEST smoothie I’ve ever had!! Their avocado and pear combination is genius (along with their other ingredients too). This is just the perfect spot to hang out, chill and go on dates ^_^



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