Uncle Tetsu (Japanese Cheesecake) 

Uncle Tetsu
598 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario

Ever since this store opened just about a week or so ago, there’s been so much hype! Line ups are out the door because it’s a small store and they freshly bake their products throughout the day. What sucks is that their ovens are small and can only fit so many batches, making you think that the long isn’t that long but really you’re going to be waiting at least an hour or so. I grabbed their most popular item (they have Madelines, angel cake and other stuff too I think), the Japanese cheesecake and I really enjoyed it (even though I could only have a small piece) ^_^ It reminds me of my favourite Vietnamese cake called Banh Bom Lang but at the same time its a cheesecake too thats not overly sweet! It took me a while to get used to the texture because it was just so different. Very soft and moist. I still love regular cheesecake but this was a good spin on regular cheesecake. I think what made me like it even more is that it’s made fresh in front of you AND its Japanese based. I absolutely admire Japanese cooking and cute stuff! Loving their logo too 🙂



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