Sushi Shop 

Sushi Shop
3 Carlton Street
Toronto, Ontario

I was in class and I had the sudden urge to try sushi balls (Temari)! Luckily, I found out that Sushi Shop served Temari sushi and it was not far from my school at all (they have a couple other locations too)! I was a bit skeptical because of the bad/mediocre reviews but at the end of class, I decided to go anyways. Also, when I thought of Temari sushi, I thought they were just exactly nigiri sushi (sashimi on rice thats it) BUT they are not! I was so surprised to have found out more yummy ingredients in the middle of the rice ball. These ingredients are listed on their take out menu but I didn’t read on it before I ordered. The sushi was not bad at all. It was great! They are $7 or 4 pieces and at first I thought that was pricey but they are quite filling. I would say each ball is equivalent to 2 nigiri pieces.

I did realize that it is a take-out restaurant. You place your order with the cashier and you can take a seat or take it to go. When you look at their website, it looks fancy so I’m guessing the bad reviews came from people’s high expectations of the atmosphere and lack of service. The restaurant is located at a very busy intersection so I can also understand why it would be more of a take-out place. Aside from that, I would totally come back again to try their other sushi balls. I wish the plating was nicer but that’s just me! I was more than satisfied with my sushi balls splurge ^__^

I ordered the Blake Sesame: Outside – salmon, Japanese mayo, sesame, nori, Inside – Torch-seared salmon (Omg!!), spicy light mayo, spicy sauce (for once, I actually taste the spiciness!!)

This was my favourite!! Tuna Tataki: Outisde: Tataki tuna, Japanese mayo, green onion, Japanese spices, Inside – Avocado, tempura, sauce 😛

The Tropical Salmon looks so cute! Will try next time!


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