The Workshop by Lattitude 

The Workshop by Lattitude
331 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

I absolutely love charcuterie boards but I don’t always go out to eat it because it’s so expensive! Once in a while my friends and I will make a platter but sometimes it’s not the same as trying one out at a restaurant. Every restaurant has their own style and flavours. Anyways, I was very happy to finally try the charcuterie platter at The Workshop today! I really enjoyed all the items *-* the colours and the plating 🙂 I also love their restart set up!

This caesar was soooo good! One of the best I’ve ever had! I’m not big on a lot of vodka in my caesar and so this was perfect! The spicy sausage and pickle made it even better 😛

We also ordered some mushrooms to try and at first we thought we ordered another separate platter. We were kind of disappointed but when we tried it, it was so good! They were sautéed so at first I thought it might taste a bit salty but it was not. I could really taste the mushrooms and whatever deliciousness it was sautéed with.

Loved the kimchi, picked peppers, julienne green apples and the meats! Omg *-*

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