Ja Bistro
222 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Man.. I’ve been wanting to come here for a while! The reason why it took a while is because it’s quite pricey. Now that I’ve tried a few of their dishes, I can honestly say it’s totally worth the money! I absolutely love sushi and I know quality sushi when I taste it πŸ™‚ Which means I’m not a huge fan of AYCE sushi but I can put up with it. My friend and I went right when they opened for dinner which was at 5. We didn’t have to wait long at all for any of our dishes and the waiter was super nice!

Lobster miso soup! Omg! Didn’t know miso soup could taste any better!

We got the Sashimi sampler to share πŸ˜› They  had their home made soy sauce and regular soy sauce. I enjoyed the assortment of sashimi and cooked mackerel. It’s nice to get a feel of all the different textures and flavours ^_^ I usually  have ginger with my sushi but they didn’t serve ginger with their dishes. I’m assuming it’s because it’s such a strong flavour that it will overpower the sashimi flavours. I was definitely more than happy without the ginger πŸ™‚ And I noticed they used organic wasabi because it wasn’t strong but rather a bit sweeter. I know this because this is how wasabi naturally tastes like in Japan πŸ™‚

This is the Aburicious. All sushi pieces are blow torched. I didn’t expect much from this dish besides the cute presentation but … It tasted heavenly! What’s so different between Ja Bistro’s sushi compared to other regular sushi? Their sushi is full of fatty goodness πŸ˜› The seasonings and soy sauce are infused with the sushi which made it quite convenient to eat πŸ™‚ Again no ginger which didn’t bother me at all! My favourite one? I can’t even pick!

Behold, the wagyu beef nigiri! So yummy! Definitely one of my faves πŸ™‚

Red wine infused pear with vanilla ice-cream, Green tea creme brΓ»lΓ©e and rice pudding! Trust me these desserts aren’t as basic as it sounds! My favourite was the red wine infused pear with ice-cream πŸ˜›

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