Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
51 Hanna Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

I have been dreaming of coming here for a while. Everything is perfect with this place! The decor, the service and the food! I told my best friend that she has to let my future boyfriend now that this is THE place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any other special occasions stat involves celebrating with food 🙂

Funny thing… when we left our parking lot, we decided to exit through the emergency exit doors. This led us to the side of the building. There was a small fence and my best friend thought maybe we should just walk around but I didn’t want to so I got the both of us to jump the fence! Looking into the restaurant, it didn’t seem like people saw. But when we entered the restaurant, the staff thought it was hilarious what we did LOL Great times. We were also given a free biscuit to try because it was our first time there. I couldn’t help but think that it was a pity biscuit because we jumped the fence and made complete idiots of ourselves LOL Oh well, it was totally worth it!



2015/03/img_1080.jpgLoving the decor!


2015/03/img_1078.jpgHow homey is this place?! Pillows?!

2015/03/img_1086.jpgAt first I thought these fries were made to be burnt but it’s not! It’s quite light and the sauce was just delicious! We almost demolished it before even starting our main courses! I absolutely love croissants and this is one of the best I’ve ever tasted! They bake their pastries daily and I can definitely taste it! Soft and flaky 🙂 I love biscuits too and the one they had just made my day! I did wish it was a bit warmer though.. But, pairing it with the whipped butter and apple caramel (Yup, CARAMEL) preserve, made it just much more mouthwatering!


2015/03/img_1087.jpgThis was Vicky’s dish 🙂 She got the Big Brunch Skillet: spicy pulled pork, roasted onions, black bean and potato hash with sunny eggs and piri piri salsa. Yummm!!

2015/03/img_1089.jpgTheir infamous pancakes! Just as good as all the amazing reviews! Usually, I always ask for the maple syrup to be on the side so I can dip my pancakes because I HATE IT when my pancakes are drenched in it but these pancakes came with maple syrup and I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t overly sweet. That means it was that good!


2015/03/img_1088.jpgI had the Manhandler; medium rare sliced striploin steak on toasted garlic sourdough with arugula & two eggs sunny side up with a side of home made HP sauce. I like HP sauce but theirs was so much better!


2015/03/img_1093.jpgGot our bill and we were given some home made cookies to take home 🙂 As I’m typing this review, I’m eating their cookie and it’s kinda cool that I’m still thinking about their food!

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