Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Jelly Modern Doughnuts
376 College Street
Toronto, Ontario

I came across the name of this donut shop on my BlogTO app but didn’t think too much about it. Then I realized that it was so close to school! Walking distance! I just had to check it out. Absolutely loved the interior of the store. You can never go wrong with pink 🙂 What I like about their donuts is that it comes in two different sizes. I’ve been to the Rolling Pin and Glory Hole and their donuts are huge! I bought these donuts for my best friend and bought another one of their donut of the month; green tea, just for myself. Let me tell you this. It was the best donut I have ever ever tried and I’ve tried a plentiful!! It wasn’t too sweet and you can really taste the green tea! I could picture myself eating 12!! I bought the smaller size which was a great idea because I didn’t get full off of one donut 🙂






2015/01/img_0600.jpgGreen tea, S’mores, Maple bacon. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Salted caramel and  Callebaut chocolate 🙂

2015/01/img_0602.jpgHow cute is this boxing?!

2015/01/img_0607.jpgSoooooooo goooood!


3 thoughts on “Jelly Modern Doughnuts

  1. I still have yet to try Jelly Modern Doughnuts! You’ve convinced me… I should go soon! Currently in the library (of course unproductive) reading your blog post! Wahh! I’m so hungry now!


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