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Featured Image: RaeAnn Vega

I’m happy to announce that I will be competing in the UFE Spring Bash on April 4th or the GNC Live Well FOUAD Abiad Championships on May 16th.

I came close to competing in the summer of 2013 but full-time school and a tiring 2nd job set me back. If I was going on stage, I wanted to know that I gave it my all. And at that time I didn’t.

Fitness is now an integral part of my life and it makes me feel happy and relaxed. I work out here and there to stay fit and sometimes I’ll challenge myself and weight train. I used to enjoy deadlifting and squatting heavy 🙂

This school year, I decided to go part-time in order to do better in school and to focus on other aspects of my life that makes me happy. That includes my #1 job, traveling and fitness. It’s been quite manageable especially with the support from a bunch of my friends.

I finally signed up to a new and better equipped gym, got a committed and flexible trainer and I have never felt more motivated to whip myself into the best possible shape of my life! Today marks my first body building training session and I am ready to kill it!

IMG_1737.JPGThis was me at my leanest when I was trying to get ready to compete in 2013. I wanted to get leaner and grow in my shoulders! It’ll come this time around 🙂

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