Teaching English Abroad

I’m finding it difficult to choose a country that I want to teach English in because I love being anywhere in the world! Spain? South Korea or Thailand?!?! Maybe it might not even happen.. Who knows?!

I want to teach in Spain because I absolutely love the country. I’ve been there before. So chill and the culture is just great. Plus, spending wasn’t so bad compared to other Western European countries. I’m not done school yet so teaching in Spain will allow me to learn a bit more Spanish in order to help me finish my Spanish Minor. When I think about Spain, I think about how it will benefit me in school.

Then there’s South Korea. Through most abroad programs, accommodations and flight to and from are taken care of! I’m not made of money so that is very appealing. As well, the pay is known to be better. Like most countries, I have always wanted to go to South Korea because I love their food, culture and their people! It’s also close to all the other Asian countries that I would like to visit. But I hear that the English curriculum can be quite strict and serious. By that I mean I could be spending a lot of time marking and putting together lesson plans.

Lastly, there’s Thailand. Just a little part of me doesn’t want’t to teach in Thailand because of the money and the fact that I have to pay for rent and my flight. BUT a huge part of me wants to!! Rent and everything is generally cheap. Hmm.. Also, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Bhutan, Malaysia and Indonesia are super close by and all very high on my bucket list! Apparently, the teaching curriculum is a bit more relaxed and there are more holidays that will allow me to travel more! Totally awesome!

Decisions, decisions..

I guess I’m leaning more towards Thailand. I’ve even pulled together some pictures of Thailand

IMG_1720.JPGPhi Phi Islands!

IMG_1719.JPGPhang Nga Bay

he Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw

ky Latern Festival

IMG_1722.JPGElephant ride 🙂

IMG_1721.JPGWat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

3 thoughts on “Teaching English Abroad

  1. I studied in Spain, taught English in Japan and worked in Vietnam. With the right attitude and motivation anywhere you choose can be very rewarding but the experiences will be very different.


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