ASA Sushi

18 Jane Street
Toronto, Ontario

I’ve been going to this sushi place for about 9 years now and everything still tastes awesome! I’ve tried numerous sushi places and in my opinion, it is still the best one. It is NOT an all you can eat place and they do not use spicy mayo for their spicy rolls (pet peeve). They actually use siracha and other ingredients to make their items spicy. Their special rolls are different and delicious. My absolute favourites from their menu is their Jane and Bloor roll and Crunch roll (as seen on top) and the Salmon lover (middle image below). My favourite appetizer from them is their Agadeshi tofu which is different, savoury and delicious! It doesn’t taste plain like most Agadeshi tofus from most sushi places. Oh, and when you order green tea ice-cream, expect 3 big yummy scoops that you might not be able to finish after such a delicious meal.




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