Food in the Philipines

IMG_1225.JPGKare-kare! Oxtail with peanut coconut curry =d Not too bad

IMG_1226.JPGMy friend had a chicken with broth. She orders quite often she said

IMG_1267.JPGI don’t remember what this is exactly but it reminds me of grassy jelly which I love!

IMG_1265.JPGCalamari. This costed me like 10 cents! And you can dip it in this sweet/spicy vinegar sauce that’s so good.

IMG_1288.JPGI had to buy this pack cause they were so cute!! it costed me 2 bucks. The pigs are pork buns and the panda is a chocolate bun.



IMG_1283.JPGIt was 1 filipino peso each ^-^

IMG_1291.JPGMy first time trying halo halo from Chowking (franchise store) and it was better than I imagined!

IMG_1342.JPGFree morning breakfast at the hostel. Appreciated that they took the time to make heart shaped pancakes and eggs (every Tuesday)

IMG_1345.JPGBBQ chicken! not bad at all, especially with the rice

IMG_1330.JPGChicken burrito from Army Navy. I really enjoyed this, especially with the salsa and sour cream

IMG_1350.JPGAnother halo halo! I really wanted to try it at a restaurant because I heard that there are more of the ingredients used besides t



IMG_1383-0.JPGTried some freshly made stir friend rice with assortment of vegetables

IMG_1396.JPGThere was a bubble tea shop downstairs from the hostel so I had to try it! I know that Filipinos love sweets so I asked for less sugar and it was still pretty sweet

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