Food In Japan

IMG_0405.JPGAfter finding out that the Tsukiji fish market was closed and that it closed some Wednesdays, a friend and I decided to visit Tsurutontan restaurant. I thought I’d be daring and try out an unusual appetizer. It wasn’t too bad but I didn’t love it. The item on the right are frog legs I believe.. and they’re quite raw!

IMG_0407.JPGThe ramen were amazing! Definitely different that what I’ve had before. The broth is thicker.

IMG_0392.JPGI bought a sushi at one of the food department stores and I thought it was cool how they packaged it. They placed a cool gel packet to keep the sushi chill


IMG_0453.JPGThese are the best things ever!! Compact and delicious. I had the cuttlefish 🙂


IMG_0561.JPGWent to Sanrio Puroland and thought I’d try out some food. Even the hot dogs has Hello Kitty on it 🙂


IMG_0594.JPGNoodles at Rokurinsha ramen restaurant 🙂

IMG_0746.JPGBreakfast dish when I was in Kyoto. After visiting the Kiyomizu-dera temple I needed to take a break to continue exploring.

IMG_0804.JPGI had to try the McDonald’s to see what’s up here LOL You can get corn instead of fries. Oh and I wanted the Hello Kitty toy which I couldn’t

IMG_0847.JPGTried out Osaka’s famous type of cooking; Kushikatsu. Lightly fried foods on skewer sticks. I ordered a 10 skewer meal and they cooked it one piece at a time 🙂 The sauces were tasteful. I thought the mechanic used to squeeze out the lemon juice was pretty cool




IMG_0850.JPGMmmm, beef!





IMG_0859.JPGPork with some fat on it!

IMG_0862.JPGFish roe and spinach?

IMG_0860.JPGIMG_0861.JPGLast two pieces of my dinner. The drizzled piece is asparagus

IMG_0863.JPGYuzu ice-cream. Super refreshing!

IMG_0886-0.JPGFinally tried some sushi! First time trying sea urchin and it wasn’t too bad. The yellow item is herring roe and it wasn’t a favourite =S interesting texture though. My favourite was the tuna! Omg, delicious. It was fatty tuna and I’ve never tried it before. It just melts in your mouth. I also tried Abalone for the first time and it was quite crunchy. Overall, I enjoyed the platter because I tried some new things and it offered different textures.

IMG_0890.JPGFluffly and big tacoyakis!

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