1st Solo Trip pt 2 -Taiwan

Places Visited and Things Done (In no particular order):

TAIPEI (November 14-16)
– Shilin Night Market
– Shilin Public Market (one of the best night markets in Taipei)
– Chiang Kai‑shek Memorial Hall
– Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe
– Ximending shopping district
– Elephant Trail (Nangdang Hiking Trail)

Taipei’s metro system is just as amazing as Tokyo’s. Maybe even better. Some of Taipei’s most popular attractions are close by to the stations so during your ride on the subway, there will be announcements made on when to get off. People here are nice and chill. For some reason I didn’t expect much from Taipei but it proved me wrong! It was pretty safe which was surprising to me. I walked around by myself with ease and I was comfortable. There are great street foods everywhere (cheap too) and my favourite, bubble tea! Oh and they have so much cute stuff too! I forget that Taiwan manufactures a lot of toys and random products.

Hostel: Fun Taipei Hostel
Great hostel and clean washrooms. The great thing about this hostel is that it’s just a minute away from Shilin Night Market and a station away from the Shilin Public Market. It’s only a 5 minute walk to the station. The staff is super nice and the owner really tries to get to know everybody at the hostel.

What I Learnt About Taiwan and More: 
1. They love their fried greasy foods
2. There are bubble tea shops everywhere which I loved!
3. The metro is clean
4. They love Hello Kitty! It’s everywhere. I thought I would find more Hello Kitty stuff in Japan but no, it’s all here.


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