Little Fin

Little Fin
4 Temperance St.
Toronto, Ontario

I’ve been following Little Fin’s instagram for some time now and I’ve been excited! They’ve been offering samples around the downtown area and even giving out complimentary “Fin fares” to promote their brand. What is their brand? Fresh seafood served in the most delicious way. I absolutely LOVE seafood. Especially lobster and tuna. Oh and I was fascinated by their black sesame bun. Black but not burnt eh?

I just had a tooth extraction yesterday and I was told to stay away from solids for a couple of days. Well… that didn’t happen because today I visited Little Fin. I had some noodles this morning so I figured, what the hey. I just have to make sure all my food is on one side.

Anyways, when I walked in the manager greeted me with a warm welcome. She did that with everybody that walked in. The cashiers were very helpful and helped me picked my two items 🙂 I thought it was pretty cool that one of the cashiers had her nails painted baby blue and white. Such great spirit! You can scroll below to see what I ordered.




Uh, super fresh no? I ordered the Big Eye Tuna and you can see it right there in between the lobsters with all the marinates.


Love their packaging 🙂


This is the Lobster BLT on a black sesame hot dog bun. At first I ordered the regular Lobster on a black sesame bun but they ran out of the beef hot dog. Apparently the cook didn’t inform the manager so she suggested the Lobster BLT which had more lobster, free of charge ($7.50 difference) and I said yes! It was very nice of the manager to take care of that. So, I’ve had regular lobster sandwiches before and they’re usually good. But… This one right here was amazing! Loved their fancy sauce and avocado sauce with bacon bits! It also had corn and I believe fried onions of some sort.. Whatever else they put in there made it amazing. AND their were plenty of juicy lobster pieces. I definitely didn’t have to fish around for those. I even took a close-up to prove it. However, the black sesame bun tastes like any other bun. The cashiers told me this beforehand. She did mention it’s healthier so I guess that’s cool. I find that the bun is denser and more dry. Other than that, it was great. I wish I could’ve finished the entire thing!



I also tried the Big Eye Tuna burger on a black sesame bun. It’s marinated in scallions, ginger, thai basil and sesame. The fish was cooked medium rare, which I love! It’s rather simple, with tomatoes, lettuce and it’s own kind of sauce but it was delicious. The fish had a good marinate so simple ingredients worked. First thing that caught my attention was the size. I found it to be rather small :S But.. the bun is rather dense so it adds to the fullness. Overall, I was pretty impressed 🙂

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