Juice Bars

I enjoy eating all kinds of foods and drinking all kinds of drinks. Sometimes, I crave fresh (cold-pressed) juices! Cold-pressed juices are costly because majority of the nutrients and all that other stuff that’s good for you are pressed out. Juicers that you find at your local Wal-Mart/K-Mart leave grinds that still contain a lot of nutrients. Some people call me crazy for spending up to $11 on one of these bottles but in actuality, the amount of fruits/vegetables that you have to buy is equivalent to one of these bottles. Not only are they packed with fruits/vegetables/nutrients, etc but some of these juice bars make some silky smooth juices! Yummmmm 😛 I will be posting 3 Juice Bars in Toronto that are known to have some of the best juices! There are so many in Toronto, including the 3 that are in this post 🙂 They are all known for some of the best (cold-pressed) juices around!

The Good Press
87 Yorkville Ave.

It was my first time trying something from an actual juice bar and I was amazed by the nice looking bottles they have. I got the heavy metal detox. It took me a while to grab that bottle because it had Spirulina and I didn’t know what that was. When I googled it I had to try it! ( Spirulina is a blue-green freshwater algae that is rich in protein and can help boost your immune system and regulate cholesterol and blood flow)


Juice Box
491 Church Street

This place here is the true definition of serving freshly squeezed juices! When you place an order, they make it right in front of you! Their juice isn’t as smooth but that’s because it’s not cold-pressed. However, it is still very good because of fresh it is! This place is super cheap too! I think I grabbed a medium or large cup and it was around $5! I grabbed the Body Cleanser so it had carrot, celery, cucumber, parsley, beet and spinach. There were no fruits so I was afraid it was going to have a strong vegetable taste. I told the lady and she added some fruits and didn’t charge me extra! 🙂


The Greenhouse Juice Co.
5 Macpherson Ave.

This is my favourite juice bar so far! Most juice bars have juices which is pretty regular but they also sell milks, waters and boosters! I was having hard time picking between The Good Press and here. The Good Press has a lot more creative juices but that was it. So far, I’ve tried two of their juices and one milk. My favourite juice so far is the Rabbit Run which has apple, carrot and ginger 😛 The ginger really creeps up on you! I only tried one milk from them which is the Pink Milk but I fell in love instantly! They cold-press their almonds and mix it with beets, and organic maple syrup! Omg! Delish




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