1st Big Adventure pt 2 – Europe 2014

Europe 2014
May 24 – June 24

In September 2013, one of my best friends called me at work and asked how I would feel if she left in a couple of weeks to go to Europe. I was excited for her but I was jealous too! I asked her if she would be interested in exploring Europe the year after but through a tour company called Contiki… 26 days, accommodations and 41 meals included, all the cities we both wanted to visit in Western Europe and more. That same night, I came over and we booked the European Escapade trip through Contiki!


After: After travelling through Egypt with such an amazing group, I was kind of not looking forward to the Contiki European trip. I heard stories about crazy parties, high school drama and people hooking up everywhere. (Plus, there was 47 of us O__O) And guess what, it was just that. BUT, I still had an amazing time. All that didn’t bother me at all because I stayed away from that. What we all had one thing in common and that was to explore and have fun in all the awesome places we were being taken to! Out of 47 people, you’re bound to find a group you can blend in with 🙂 Almost every day, we had to wake up at 7 a.m just to catch our coach bus into the city and surprisingly everybody did that. We were one big family with all our different characters. The great thing about travelling with 47 people are the stories that they share. Although we spent a couple of days in most places, I wouldn’t have had it any other way with my first trip to Europe. Our tour manager really helped put things into perspective and knew where all the main attractions and good restaurants were. With almost 2 days in every city, who the hell is going to have time to research?! I did a lot in a short period of time and managed to tick off so many countries from my bucket list! My favourites were Barcelona, Munich and Amsterdam. Now I definitely which countries I would like to spend more time in next time 🙂

Tips: Carry change to pay to use the washroom. Some washrooms, you might be sneaky enough to get in without them noticing but there are washrooms with turnstyles!


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